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Concerted Actions

Concerted Actions are agreed upon and bindingly adopted at by the General Assembly and implemented by the national commissions at national level. In this context, the national commissions commit themselves to approach their national members of the European Parliament, the delegations of the Council of Europe and, if necessary, the national parliaments and governments in the matter concerned. The European Conference’s presidency supports these concerted actions by organizing appropriate events at European level, approaching for instance the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the Council of Europe. Participatory status within the Council of Europe offers particular opportunities for advocating our concerns. 

By organizing Concerted Actions the Commissions of the European Conference give a concrete common witness. Doing this they strengthen the European Cooperation on the particular issues of concern.The General Assembly 2006 in Belfast decided to launch every year at least one Concerted Action per year.

Concerted Action 2022 

Forging a new Culture of Peace - a Strategy for Europe

Basic Text: EN 

Summary: EN

Concerted Action 2021 

The Future of Europe – a call for dialogue as a key to just transition 

Basic Text:  EN

Press release:  EN

Concerted Action 2020

The Common Good of the Seas

Basic Text:  EN, FR

Short version:  EN

Concerted Action 2019

Adjust Europe to the Common Good

Basic Text: EN

Short version: EN

Concerted Action 2017

Europe at the Crossroads

Basic Text: EN, FR, DE,IT

Short version: EN, FR, DE

Press release: EN

Concerted Action 2016

Growing economic inequality and taxation
Declaration: EN, ES
Background Note: EN, ES
Press release: EN

Concerted Action 2015 

The Nationalism of Exclusion
Declaration: ENFRDE
Press release:   EN ,   FR ,   DE

Concerted Action 2014

Youth Unemployment - The Challenge of Solidarity
Declaration (CHURCH) ==> more
We, -a project in Austria that arose from the Concerted Action 2014 ==> more

Concerted Action 2013

A long term vision that puts the economy at the service of society!

Declaration Advocacy ==> more
Declaration (CURCH) ==> more

Concerted Action 2011

Declaration ==> more

Concerted Action 2011

Declaration ==> more
Videos on youtube: "Human Dignity / Human Rights"

Concerted Action 2010

Solidarity in a Time of Crisis
Declaration ==> more

Concerted Action 2009

Working Together to Stop Human Trafficking
Declaration ==> more

Concerted Action 2008

Content ==> more
Exhibition ==> have a look
Final resolution - to be decided

Concerned Action 2007

on Proliferation of small arms and light weapons
Content ==> more 
Final resolution - to be decided

Concerted Action 2007

on Migration
Content ==> more
Final resolution ==> more