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Executive Committee ( ExCo )

The Executive Committee is elected as the presidency for a three years term. Together with the Presidency ExCo prepares policy guidelines for the GA, en-sures implementation of the resolutions passed by the General Assembly (GA) and directs the European Conference between the annual sessions of the GA. Positions in the ExCo shall comprise the current President, vice-President, Secretary General, former Secretary General, all ex officio, and another 4 to 7 members of national commissions duly elected. The ExCo shall meet at least three times a year. The ExCo is to represent the diversity of the European Conference. The Executive Committee (ExCo) is authorized to publish statements in its own name. The current members of ExCo are: 

 H.E. Mgr Noël Treanor, President, Bishop of Down and Connor, E-Mail: 

Cécile Dubernet, Vice-President, E-mail, Contacter par email

Stefan Lunte, Secretary General, E-mail:

Zsanett Bánlaki, E-Mail:

Ton Broekman, E-mail:

Daniel Darmanin, E-mail:

Bernd Hirschberger, E-mail:

Marek Mišák, E-mail,